+ About us…

For over 10 years, The Wonderful Company, founded by Lynda and Stewart Resnick, has been working side-by-side with the residents of the Central Valley to impact positive, lasting change in the community, with education at the center of multi-generational change. In 2009, after working collaboratively with community members, the Resnicks founded Wonderful College Prep Academy (the Academy) in Delano with the mission of ensuring all students are prepared to earn a college degree and pursue a promising career.

Charter schools are completely free, just like all other public schools. The most important benefit of charter schools is that they provide parents with choices for their child’s education. Charter schools also experience more autonomy and less regulation than traditional public schools, which provides an opportunity to be more creative and entrepreneurial to meet the needs of every child.

Wonderful College Prep Academy - Lost Hills currently serves students in grades TK-2 and will expand to TK-4 & 6 in the 2018 school year.

Wonderful College Prep Academy - Delano currently serves students in grades TK-1 and 6-12, expanding to grades TK-12 in the 2018 school year. Our high school is ranked #1 in Delano and among the top 4 in Kern County, for both English and math. The Academy boasts one of the highest four-year college going rates in the community – with 100% of students accepted to 2 or 4 year institutions and over 75% of graduates attending a 4-year college.

Both schools will grow to serve grades TK-12.

+ What makes us unique?

We believe that with intensive support, exposure and opportunity, all children can maximize their potential to learn and realize their dreams. We create a nurturing and welcoming learning environment for our students and their families, with a deep commitment to the community. Since we know essential ingredients of a thriving future include a strong academic foundation as well as exposure to rich experiences outside of the classroom, we are committed to the arts, provide an array of field trips throughout California, invite special guest instructors, and host a robust summer camp. We define success not just by a student’s test score, but by their passions and dreams, their commitment to community and their work ethic. We also want our students to be on a lifetime journey of health and wellness, so we not only provide healthy and tasty meals each day, but we also teach our students how to prepare healthy meals and live a healthy lifestyle. When our students graduate, they are truly set for life!

+ What is our “secret sauce” for success?

Our students benefit from a rigorous and personalized academic program, within a longer school day and extended school year. In order to make sure our students are able to succeed in such a challenging environment, we balance the day with time for small group support in ELA and math as well as athletic and arts opportunities. Throughout the year, we create STEAAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Agriculture, Math) experiences for our students that we believe will position them for college completion and for careers in the Central Valley. With small class sizes, our teachers really get to know students and support them every step of the way, with college exposure embedded in daily life from kindergarten through high school. The Resnicks offer generous four-year renewable college scholarships that every student is eligible to earn. This provides our students and families the security of knowing college is not only attainable but also affordable.

+ What are the perks of joining the team?

We want our teachers to feel inspired to come to work every day – as they have the most important job in the world. We ensure our teachers have the training, resources and opportunities they need to provide students with the quality instruction and supports they need to succeed. Not only do we offer a highly competitive compensation package, but we also offer stipends for advanced degrees and additional performance bonuses.

  • Emphasizing our commitment to health and wellness, we offer free, healthy lunch every day and free access to the Wonderful company’s health center and fitness center for you and your family (in addition to your health benefits package).
  • We know family is important, so we offer subsidized child care for children ages 2-5 in Lost Hills (coming soon to Delano).
  • Once your own children are in 9th grade, they are also eligible for college prep support and a four-year renewable college scholarship of up to $24,000 if they meet eligibility requirements and attend high school in an eligible Central Valley county.
  • Through our Wonderful Giving program (courtesy of The Wonderful Company), you are able to donate up to $1,000 to the charity of your choosing annually.
  • If you must relocate to join our team, we subsidize moving expenses.

+ How do you join the team?

Look for us on Edjoin and LinkedIn or email a resume and a letter of interest to Jennie Hughes at jennie.hughes@wonderfulcollegeprep.org.