Reimagining Education

Wonderful College Prep Academy is a free public charter school serving grades K through 12. Our longer school day and extended school year gives our students an edge.


Lost Hills

Wonderful Academy is ranked the #1 high school in Delano. Our innovative curriculum, including STEM and Health and Wellness education, prepares students for a healthy, promising future in college and beyond.

Now serving grades TK-4 and 6. Our caring teachers and hands-on learning held in state-of-the-art, high-tech classrooms, help students achieve at a higher level and develop a lifelong love of learning. And it’s all free.

Our Results

  • Students in grades 6-8 grew by 50% or more, on average, in English language arts, based on the 2018 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).

  • In 2018, 6th graders nearly doubled math proficiency on the CAASPP.
  • Elementary students in Delano and Lost Hills had a great FIRST year with the majority of kindergarten through second graders ending the year at or above grade level.
  • 88% of 2018 graduating class attending four-year universities this Fall.

  • One-third of the 2018 graduating class earned an Associate of Science degree, while in high school.

  • High School students ranked among TOP THREE of all high schools in Kern County, based on the 2017 CAASPP in English language arts and math.

What Makes Us Different


In K-8, our students love going to school. Our one-on-one support helps kids succeed and sparks a love for learning. Through music and arts, our students develop creativity and self-discipline. Small class sizes and caring teachers provide a fun, friendly, safe environment your kids will love.

Our high school students choose between two pathways: Liberal Arts or Ag Business. Free tutors help students to complete college classes so they can get 1-2 years of college credit under their belt when enter a four-year university. This accelerates time spent in college thus reducing overall costs. [KN1] 

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