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Learning Farms

Our Learning Farms were planted with one notion in mind: to grow generations of healthy students. From farm to table, students learn to grow and harvest fruits and vegetables. In our Teaching Kitchen, they are taught how to make well-balanced meals from scratch with their homegrown harvest. This hands-on learning experience is just one more way we make learning personal, relevant and fun.

Teaching Kitchen

After learning how to grow healthy produce, students learn how to prepare meals with professional chefs in state-of-the-art kitchens. From seed to table, students learn to grow, harvest, and prepare nutritious meals — a fundamental life skill. By giving students the chance to grow their food, cook it, and eat it, we help build a culture of healthy eating that continues outside of the classroom.

The Impact of Our Farm-to-Table Culture


of students have participated in a Learning Farm tour

720 lbs

of produce is grown and harvested at our Learning Farms


of harvested produce was used for meals in Harvest Hall

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