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High School

At Wonderful, we provide the tools students need to succeed in college and career. We offer free early college degrees, up to $24,000 in college scholarships, along with tutoring and coaching support in high school and college. With support every step of the way, students feel confident in their academic and professional journeys.

College Scholarships

Our curriculum prepares students for college and our scholarship program ensures they can go to their dream school. All students who meet our scholarship eligibility requirements can earn up to $24,000 plus coaching, tutoring and more throughout college.

Beyond WCPA

Here are just some of the schools our graduates are accepted to launch their college journey.

There are a lot of things I love about WCPA, starting with the diversity of subjects and help that is offered. But something that really makes it stand out is how everyone wants us to take a step further than other schools. It is very humbling that they give us so much. We have the field, the fitness center, the yoga room... they really give us the space to go beyond learning.

- Jorge, 12th Grade Student

Earn an associate's degree while in high school - for FREE!

Go from high school to a high-paying salary with an early college degree. Our Pathways programs are a no-cost opportunity to graduate from high school with a two-year college degree from Bakersfield College. Classes count for both high school and college credit so you are ready to tackle college in half the time and cost!

Gain on-the-job and valuable life experience through internships and job shadowing. Whether you decide to go to college or start a job out of high school, you will be set up for success, both with the support of The Wonderful Company.

Ag Prep

Become a part of the growing agricultural business in the Central Valley! From science to sales, to business and beyond, there is something for everyone. 

Average salary between $67,000 - $150,000 per year.

Teach & Lead

Inspire the next generation of leaders in the Central Valley as a teacher, school administrator or other education-based role.

Average salary between $73,000 - $99,000 per year.

Health & Wellness

Help improve health outcomes in your community as a health coach, environmental scientist, or other public-health related role.

Average salary between $57,000 - $123,000 per year.

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